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Balance of Forces

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Welcome to the Balance of Forces Guild Community.
We are a Neopets Guild that works together to
keep the balance of Good and Evil.
For one cannot exist without the other.

This is community is more for Guild News Updates, Neo-related Art work (glitter images, backgrounds, BC pics, etc.), NT comic entries, important messages, things you'd like to submit to the guild website (articles, game tips), and when the forums are down.
Other than that, the guild message board and the guild forums should be used.


  • Neopets related posts only
  • Keep it Neopets clean. No swearing, offensive, or inappropriate content. Doing this will get you a double warning.
  • DO NOT TALK IN ALL CAPS. It is considered shouting, and rude.
  • Do not talk in alternating caps, TaLkInG LiKe ThIs.
  • Do not advertise other guilds.
  • Do not spam on the guild community. Spam = a less than 2 sentence response (less than 2 lines), meaningless posts, repetitive posts, and chain letters.
  • Do not use excessive Chat Speak. The occasional "CU l8er" is acceptable as long as people can understand it easily. If I can't understand it, no one else can and the message will be deleted.
  • No hard to read fonts (like bright yellow or wingdings)
  • Respect other members, no insulting anyone on the boards.
  • Please put your Neopets username at this post.So we know who you are.
  • Put pictures and screenshots under cuts as well as big posts
  • No begging, this includes hinting such as saying donations are welcome or that they are accepted. Asking people to look at your shops or trades is alright.

    Any post breaking these rules either need to be edited or will be deleted.
    Minor cases (ex. hard to read font) will be given time to edit the post before receiving an official warning.
    Major cases (ex. insulting another member) will result in the post being deleted and an immediate warning.

    You will have 3 warnings with this.
    On the 3rd warning you will be suspended from the community.
    Continue to get warnings, and you will be banned from the community, and possibly the guild, depending on the severity of the offense.
    This will also effect your Guild points.

We hope you like it here.

If you are unsure of how to do an lj cut, please click here for directions.

For a list of helpful Neopets related sites, or to have one added to the list, please check out the guild website.

Check the banner and advertise section on the guild website to help advertise.